It is unfortunate that we have to announce this but Eucl3D is closing its doors to any further sales.


The Eucl3D team spent many a sleepless night working to bring personalized products to folks like you. We here are all firm believers in the future of game merchandise and that eventually you will be able get physical versions of your designs from every game that you play.


We were running at that goal full speed but were not able to develop our internal technology to a point that made our custom product sales cost effective.


While our service was incredibly unique and is yet to be replaced you can look for similar merchandise at places like Figureprint, SandBoxr, inside Fabzat supported games, and other fan art locations like Pinshape, Thingiverse, and Shapeways.


Our 3D printability technology will hopefully be open sourced and will continue to be worked on by us in our spare time and hopefully the community as well because we still believe that our technology will make a huge impact in the 3D printing space both at home and in industrial applications.


We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our users who supported us with purchases of 3D prints and helped to spread these incredible creations around the world. 35 different countries to be exact.


Any static designs purchased from our website or for trade shows have been provided to the game developers so that they can hopefully find a way to sell them on their own and provide the same products to you again. If you purchased a custom design from us we will continue to store those designs for a time and will make them available to the game developers if they request them.


If anyone has questions or comments about our service, product, or team and would like to reach out to us please email those thoughts to and we will do our best to read all of them and respond to those that we can.


The Eucl3D team is made up of some of the most amazing minds and we will all be moving onto new roles at new firms and continuing to make an impact in the engineering and gaming spaces.


It has been our absolute pleasure to put smiles on the faces of gamers everywhere.