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Mar. 2, 2015 | By Simon of 

"For legions of gamers, one of the most favored features in video games is the option to customize your own avatars, vehicles and other aspects of a game that make the experience feel more personal and genuine. Between using face scanners to use your own face as a video game character or using in-game credits to purchase ‘after market’ features for vehicles, the options for customization are seemingly endless. But for some gamers, preserving these customized experiences beyond just their screen is almost just as important and thanks to 3D printing, this has never been easier. How do I remove this post?

More recently, those who invest their time building spaceships and rockets using NASA-approved real-world physics in the game Kerbal Space Program will be able to 3D print their customized designs using the EUCL3D 3D printing service provider - who themselves are focused around 3D printing video game merchandise."

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