Eucl3D and UC Berkeley Go Way Back

Bear, Campanile, UC Berkeley, Eucl3D

As you may have read on our About Us page, Eucl3D was originally dreamed up in a class at UC Berkeley. The course, hosted by the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) department, was a crash course in start up science all of the way up until your first pitch with an investor:

What problem are you looking to solve?
Why is solving it big business?
Do you have any wicked tech to offer?
How are you going to make money?
How do you plan to attract customers?
Who else is out there trying to do the same thing?
What crackpot team do you have behind you?
Show me the charts!
The big ol' ask
We scraped all of that together and believe it or not some money came in! You won't believe how it feels for someone to show their belief in you by backing it up with an investment.
We worked tirelessly on our idea for a while and yet another great pitch brought us into a great program, and back into the graces of UC Berkeley once more. We got into the amazing SkyDeck incubator! They connected us with dozens of great mentors, advisers, connections, and ideas to help Eucl3D grow into a bigger and even more attractive company.

UC Berkeley, Eucl3D, Bear, Campanile, SkyDeck

Recently we graduated from this program and as a parting gift to the SkyDeck team we printed this awesome statue of UC Berkeley's mascot roaring alongside the iconic Campanile (Sather Tower). If you ever get the chance to visit their offices, you'll find this print adorning the front desk.
Thank you Berkeley for everything that you've done for our company!
Eucl3D's founding team