Full Color 3D Printing is the Future of 3D Printing

As of the writing of this post 3D printing has been around for just over 30 years - since 1984 to be exact. (I guess 1984 gave us more than an amazing apple commercial and big brother) In that time it has revolutionized industry by allowing engineers to prototype their designs well before investing in expensive tooling or other manufacturing methods that take too long to prove out their ideas.
Inside the last decade, as patents began expiring, inspiring individuals started pulling that industry impact into the maker movement. Smaller, cheaper printers began becoming available to everyone, but there was a cost to this: print quality dropped. Layers became more obvious, wasted support material that left marks on the print, hot glue gun-like whispers of plastic all over your print, various hardware failures, and more. And yet it has still captured the imaginations of millions of people!

3D print failure, extrusion

That's well and good, but the industry needs more growth! It's getting it, but it could use a leap forward in tech to tip the growth into another parallel. We believe that step is full-color capabilities in a strong, resilient, and cheap plastic. 
Why this? Well because color speaks to everyone, its a great communicator! We splash racecars with striped and flashy painted designs to attract attention, we use it to emblazon our company logos to define our businesses, artists use it to make a geometric blob turn into a lifelike sculpture. 

Prosthetic leg, painted

The Projet 660 printers we use for all of our products is a great step into the world of artistic expression with 3D printing, but when the same color resolution can be had with a resilient plastic, engineers, tinkerers, and hobbyists will rejoice and find their potential grow significantly. No more will people need to spend hours priming, sanding, and painting mock ups and projects - the final, beautiful result will come straight out of the printer! Think of prosthetic limbs being printed to fit people's unique issues and yet being decorated with their own identity!
I'm looking forward to this future, and I think you should too