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Are you a game studio looking for figurines?

For your fans?
A booth?
Kickstarter Rewards?
No matter the reason, Eucl3D makes it easy to combine 3D printing with your game to drive revenue and make your fans clamor to see their favorite game content in real life.

With our SDK, Unity Developers can easily implement a 3D printing storefront right inside their game, allowing players to in-app purchase their favorite creations and characters from video games to be shipped to their homes. With less than 20 hours of integration time, our technology allows you to offer merchandise to every one of your gamers when they open your game, quickly adding a solid revenue stream for all of your titles.  Checkout our Unity SDK and REST API documentation to learn how to get started. 

Eucl3D, documents, API, SDK


Eucl3D helps make booths at gaming events rock, awesome trophies for tournaments, and helps early stage games offer the best rewards to their kickstarter backers. If you are interested in learning how to get 3D prints for aspects of marketing or crowdfunding, we make it quick and easy to implement this solution!


Through our online store, your can easily feature 3D printed models of iconic content from your game to the tens of thousands of users that come to our site! Here your gamers can view their favorite characters or vehicles and order models to be shipped to their home.

If you are curious, get in touch with us at:

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