Strengthen and Validate your digital Designs for 3D Printing!

The future of design for 3D printing is automation and in vivid full color
We're prepared for it
Are you?

Eucl3D Elements software is our solution to your printing needs

Detail Infusion

Create 3D printable geometry and colors from bump maps, specularity color maps, transparency maps, and in game lighting to boost your models’ detail and appearance to the next level.

Mesh Repair

We only change the mesh where necessary to make your mesh watertight, properly normaled, and resolve floating geometry. Enjoy smaller file sizes and a usable mesh that can still be rendered cleanly after.

Structure Check

Go beyond simple wall thickness and use our structural analysis to truly ensure your 3D prints won't fall apart during or after printing. Preventing print failures saves time and money.

Automated Repairs

We target points of potential failure and modify geometry to ensure your model is strong enough to survive printing, handling, and shipping. We follow up with a safe hollowing process to reduce your costs.

We will release a public beta of our software at the end of the year with the following features and more will be added as the months progress:

  • -Transparency Detail Infusion
  • -Structure Check
  • -Mesh Repair
  • -Automated Repairs in a variety of common printing cases