How its Made

Everything starts with you! As you play your games, create awesome avatars and crazy worlds, you are doing the designing inside of these incredible games. Once you make a purchase, we start our process to deliver to your doorstep the perfect realization of that design. We take great pride and care in turning your digital creations into beautiful statuettes for you to drool over.

The Keys to Success are Made Digitally 

On the left you can see the original mesh and on the right, our improved mesh 

Video games are designed for the digital space, and so every model that Eucl3D delivers is optimized by our system for the real world. We make adjustments to every model to make them look best and add strength to help them survive the 3D printing process. We make changes to your designs in all of these categories to ensure that what arrives at your door is a strong, gorgeous, and one of a kind statuette to caress, sleep next to, worship, etc.

Bringing your Game to Life!

After these digital improvements are finished, your model is 3D printed in ProJet 660 machines produced by 3D Systems. These operate with a powder based system; first, an arm swipes a thin layer of mineral powder onto the print surface at an even thickness and then inkjet heads traverse the surface depositing CMYK dyed adhesives onto the powder. We can put dozens of prints into one batch of the machine. Once a batch is finished a technician carefully vacuums excess powder away from the models and removes them from the print bed. 

Eucl3D, projet 660, depowdering, vacuum, 3d printing

Technicians delicately vacuum excess powder away from the prints

Finishing Touches 

Models are then infiltrated with super glue to make them significantly stronger and make the colors pop out! Once dry, they are covered in a thin layer of wax to help preserve the prints. At this point the prints are ready to be packaged up and sent to you! Ready for your enjoyment and awe. Our prints love to be doted upon and stared at by everyone that you can find.

Eucl3D, infiltration, super glue, projet 660, 3d printing

Technicians carefully apply a strengthener to the part, which also makes colors vibrant


Share your Creation with the World!

Share them on social media! Tag Eucl3D in your post to give us a shout out; let us know how you like them! You started this incredible process and now you get to revel in its success.

One of our customers sharing their custom Kerbal ship on imgur!