Kerbal Q&A

What mods does Eucl3D support?

-We accept almost all mods available for Kerbal Space Program. Procedural mods are not accepted at this time. If a mod causes issues we will reach back out to you to find a solution.

Does Eucl3D support the Tweakscale mod?

-Crafts with the Tweakscale mod applied will often take a few extra days to process.

Can I replace the craft file in my order if I actually want a different craft?

-Yes! Send us an email at [email protected] with your order number, the new craft file, and we can substitute out your craft files.

What will my craft look like once Eucl3D makes changes to it?

-We makes all changes necessary to ensure that your craft is strong enough to handle printing, shipping, and handling. This entails thickening of thin struts, fuel lines, trusses, and other small objects. Depending on the size of the order, wings and control surfaces could be made thicker to ensure they remain strong and resilient. Any part clipping is locked into the model as we print the ships in one piece and we will sometimes move rocket stages closer together so that the craft can be a stronger unit.

Can I choose if landing gear, comms, other parts are deployed or retracted?

-We print most items in their retracted state as they become very weak if left in the deployed state during printing. There are some exceptions such as commdish which is printed in the deployed state. If you would like to expressly request some to be deployed please include that in the notes section at checkout. Please be aware of the potential strength issues.

Does Eucl3D handle offset?

-We do! We will turn all of the overlaps into one part to be printed in a solid piece.

Does Eucl3D print launch clamps?

-We do not print launch clamps.

What version of parts are printed?

-We keep up to date with the most current version of all parts in the Kerbal system.