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Bring Elite Dangerous's Anaconda to life with Eucl3D!

"The Anaconda is the pride of Faulcon deLacy's ship yards. The design was first manufactured in 2856 by RimLiner Galactic. After numerous mergers the template was eventually owned by Faulcon deLacy, who have made only minor changes to the classic design. The Anaconda is a versatile craft that can transport large cargos as well as pack a decent punch. Some smaller navies use the Anaconda in the light cruiser and frigate roles. The Anaconda can also be upgraded with a docking bay allowing small fighters up to Sidewinder size to be carried and launched."

All measurements are in millimeters
Regular  -  122.9  x  49.8  x  24.0 
Large  -  207.6  x  84.1  x  40.5